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Large Tree Relocation

International Large Tree Transplanting Services

Hess  specializes in the relocation and preservation of unique, aged specimen trees all over the world. We have worked with federal, state, and local communities as well private organizations to transplant trees that may be in the development path for a future highway, infrastructure development, or more commonly under the various Heritage Tree Preservation Acts across the country.

To unearth, preserve, move, and reinstall such rare and distinctive trees is a delicate process that requires a great deal of technical skill, safety-conscious crews, knowledge of soils and sub straight, and proficiency in workmanship. Our trained and experienced teams of experts utilize a combination of specialized boxing strategies and round ball techniques along with state-of-the-art equipment to preserve and relocate even the most massive trees safely and successfully. We are based in Orange County, California but locates and transports trees globally.

Our Unique Approach

Boxing and encapsulating trees is an art,with the use of science. Rather than boxing every tree the same way, which could result in failure if the tree or soil does not adapt well to the wood, we provide customized tree boxing and encapsulation services, with boxes we build ourselves. Using a proprietary ratio, we calculate the measurements of the tree, the condition of the soil, and the climate of your location to determine the material and dimensions of the box. We will next, we build the box at the the site so that all tree measurements and soil assessments are100% accurate. This not only ensures that the tree will fit seamlessly into the box; it also significantly increases the chances that it will survive the move – and thrive in its new location.

From Procurement to Boxing to Transplant

Hess Trees provides a total, end-to-end solution for those in search of exceptional tree specimens. First, we scour the country (sometimes the world!) in search of your tree(s), looking for undeveloped land, non-operating nurseries, deserted properties and other resources that may be able to provide the specimen and size you are seeking. As experienced plant brokers, we then:

  • Locate and contact the land owner

  • Negotiate and facilitate the tree purchase

  • Box or encapsulate the tree (depending on its size)

  • Arrange the logistics for delivery

  • Perform the tree transplant

  • When it comes time to move the tree, we prepare the area by:

  • Monitoring the moisture for 3 weeks prior to digging

  • Installing shrub irrigation spray heads

  • Installing guy wires with anchors to support the tree

Next, we dig the tree using flat, sharp tree spades. Roots are only trimmed when necessary as determined by an arborist and approved by the architect. We provide adequate shade and moisture to all exposed roots during relocation. We also protect the root ball by wrapping it in biodegradable burlap and shrink wrap. When necessary, we install a structural bottom under the root ball. The tree is then lifted slowly by crane, and placed on a prepared tree pad for boxing.

For more information on our unique boxing and encapsulation services, please contact Hess Trees today. We look forward to answering all your questions!