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National Specimen Tree Suppliers

A natural setting can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary with the addition of unique specimen trees or palms.

Over the years, we have accumulated a national registrar of nurseries that supply a broad spectrum of trees, landscape plants, ground cover, flowers and shrubs. We also have our own nurseries located throughout the United States, allowing us to provide landscape contractors, architects, developers and private residents with an extensive variety of first-rate unique, one-of-a-kind trees.

By offering you a complete array of possibilities, we partner with you in developing your garden or landscape to its fullest potential.

We are based in Orange County, California but are able to locate specimen trees all over the world!

Vision, Dedication, and Teamwork

Durring during the design or construction process, your are your clients visions for a project may have to change due to several factor, availability of resources, project budget, etc. At Hess, we do our best to alleviate vision changes by initiating the location of specimen trees and palms prior to startup of all construction phases, thus increasing the time to secure box and ship specimen material.

Whether it’s one tree for an exclusive client or larger developments that require the locating of 2,800 trees for a golf course build, hotel, or casino development, we have created a business platform based on locating, hand-selecting, digging, shipping and installing trees across the country – and in some cases overseas – for today’s 5 star 5 diamond Hotel and Casino resorts, Commercial projects, and Custom Residential Estates.

We understand the complexities and obligations that go into projects of this magnitude. We believe it is important to review all phases of the operation prior to any commitment by all parties, and maintaining open communication throughout the progress of the operation.



Logistics and Delivery


After a tree has been located, boxed and loaded it is ready to be delivered to your location safe, sound and primed for planting.

Normally, the logistics of tree delivery are far too complex for the buyer to deal with. If you have invested time and money in locating a tree (or several trees) for your property, you need to go one step further to ensure that all bases are covered. That step is hiring a firm to arrange the logistics of the tree delivery.

Hess has handled tree delivery logistics for clients all over the country, and are experts when it comes to arranging the interstate delivery of trees. Each state’s agricultural board and transportation department has different logistical requirements, so it takes a true expert to design a delivery plan accordingly. We handle all testing, inspections, paperwork and other approval requirements necessary for the transport of your trees. 

In several cases annually we are required to transport trees across 11- 15 states, facilitating the multiple Department of Agriculture required tests, soil inspections, transportation route details, highway patrol regulations, weight restrictions and other procedural details in each state. We have utilized ground transport, air transport and sea transport. Ground transport is the most common method, but we do not hesitate to tap into other means to get the job done.

Hence our motto, “We do what others say can’t be done”!

While we are based out of Orange County, CA, we are able to locate and transport trees worldwide! We are experts at handling all aspects of the transport of trees all over the globe.

Tree Maintenance During Transport


If a tree is covered with the wrong kind of tarp, it may get wind burn, sunburn or frostbite. With our specialized tarps, we make sure your tree is protected. For some projects, we also use climate control meters to measure the humidity and heat index of the atmosphere. This helps us determine if the tarp should be removed at any point. During ground transport, we install an irrigation system into your tree, encased in the root balls, so it doesn’t dry out. Our freight carriers also stop at pre-arranged watering stations along the way.

There are few, if any, tree delivery services throughout the nation that can offer this exceptional level of liaison service – and plant the tree once it arrives at your location.

Please note: Because of the intricacies involved with interstate tree transport, most projects operate on a 30-90 day timeline for completion.

For more information on logistics and delivery for tree transport, contact Hess today. We look forward to answering all your questions.



Tree Boxing and Encapsulation

If your property is in need of a rare tree or an adequately mature tree of a particular specimen, you need an experienced plant broker to help you obtain it. Though we are based out of Orange County, CA, Hess Trees are experts at tree procurement all over the world!

In addition to tree procurement, HLC offers high-end boxing and encapsulation services so there is no need to compromise when it comes to obtaining the tree sizes and specimens you want for your property. Whether you are seeking a large quantity of Italian Cypress or a single rare Oak, we can find the mature trees you want to add that instant impact to your landscape on a satisfactory timeline.

Our Unique Approach

Boxing and encapsulating trees is an art,with the use of science.

Rather than boxing every tree the same way, which could result in failure if the tree or soil does not adapt well to the wood, we provide customized tree boxing and encapsulation services, with boxes we build ourselves. Using a proprietary ratio, we calculate the measurements of the tree, the condition of the soil, and the climate of your location to determine the material and dimensions of the box.

Next, we build the box at your site so that all tree measurements and soil assessments are100% accurate. This not only ensures that the tree will fit seamlessly into the box; it also significantly increases the chances that it will survive the move – and thrive in its new location.

From Procurement to Boxing to Transplant

Hess Trees provides a total, end-to-end solution for those in search of exceptional tree specimens. First, we scour the country (sometimes the world!) in search of your tree(s), looking for undeveloped land, non-operating nurseries, deserted properties and other resources that may be able to provide the specimen and size you are seeking. As experienced plant brokers, we then:

  • Locate and contact the land owner

  • Negotiate and facilitate the tree purchase

  • Box or encapsulate the tree (depending on its size)

  • Arrange the logistics for delivery

  • Perform the tree transplant

When it comes time to move the tree, we prepare the area by:

  • Monitoring the moisture for 3 weeks prior to digging

  • Installing shrub irrigation spray heads

  • Installing guy wires with anchors to support the tree

Next, we dig the tree using flat, sharp tree spades. Roots are only trimmed when necessary as determined by an arborist and approved by the architect. We provide adequate shade and moisture to all exposed roots during relocation. We also protect the root ball by wrapping it in biodegradable burlap and shrink wrap. When necessary, we install a structural bottom under the root ball. The tree is then lifted slowly by crane, and placed on a prepared tree pad for boxing.

For more information on our unique boxing and encapsulation services, please contact Hess Trees today. We look forward to answering all your questions!



Specimen Tree Salvage & Recycling

Tree Salvage Services

Removing a tree doesn’t have to involve destroying it.

If you aim to remove a tree on your property but wish to salvage it so that it can be replanted elsewhere, Hess  may be able to induct the tree into our nursery so that it becomes part of our inventory and a resource for our tree procurement clients.

In many cases, we offer tree salvage as a free service because we can profit from the resale of the tree. In some rarer instances, we may purchase the tree if we have a client that is seeking your specimen or we see a potential for substantial resale value.

The Tree Salvage Process

When you contact us to request tree salvage services, we first need to determine if we want to induct the tree into our nursery. Whether or not you are aware of the specimen of the tree,we first ask that you submit photos so we can remotely assess its condition. We may also ask for specific information, such as height, width and soil conditions.

We offer tree salvage services to residential and commercial properties alike. If you are a contractor or commercial developer planning a demolition of a site, we may be able to salvage all the trees on the property so that your operation can maintain and promote responsible development practices.

We cannot guarantee acceptance of every tree, but we are certainly open to all inquiries and give each tree salvage proposal the time and consideration it deserves.

For more information on tree salvage, contact Hess  today. We look forward to assisting you!

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