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Providing services since 1996

What We Do


Hess is a full-service Large Tree SUPPLY Company serving our Residential, Commercial and Federal projects ranging from $10,000 to $10,000,000.00. Hess relies on our talented team of professionals to assist you on your next projects that may require our services large or small within the Residential, Commercial, and or Government sectors.  We at Hess specialize in preserving unique, aged specimen trees all over the United States and globally. To SUPPLLY and install such rare and distinctive trees is a delicate process that requires incredible technical skill, safety-conscious crews, in-depth knowledge of soils, and unmatched proficiency.

As an international company this means that we are one of the few companies that relies on our crews to travel to corners of the globe rarely seen by others. This also means that the families of our team members are as much a part of our company as the crew itself. Travels can consist of far-reaching flights and several months’ time to address our customers’ tree needs. Nationally, we have earned a stellar reputation that we take very seriously. This is our ability to mobilize our teams in DAYS – not weeks – for a project that must get on its feet immediately.



Hess Trees is a world-class service provider that specializes in supplying, installing distinctive, mature trees to both commercial and residential projects.  


At Hess, we understand the importance of each project and will partner with you to ensure your expectations are met.  Our ability to successfully execute a project is enhanced by our resolute attention to details and technical proficiency.   Our company is dedicated to supplying our clients with carefully preserved specimens that look as beautiful on the day delivered as the day they were selected. 


Since our inception, Erik Hess has been able to locate and offer clients a premium assortment of trees from all corners of the world.  Our clientele includes architects, contractors, and developers, state and city planners as well as movie set designers, private estates, and homeowners, all of whom seek to create inspired, unique, beautiful landscapes.


Hess provides expert, quality tree services worldwide.   Our experienced team of tree location specialists has extensive resources and tools to find a broad collection of trees from across the globe.  This allows us to present our clients with a vast portfolio of specimens to choose from. 


We embrace a client-centric approach to project management.  Included in our comprehensive list of services is the care of any legal documentation for permitted loads, as well as interstate supply. While under our supervision, the health of your trees will continually be monitored and evaluated.   Our professional staff will work with all appropriate agencies to obtain needed permits to ensure your trees are properly preserved during the relocation and installation process.   Our goal is to make the project as seamless as possible.  


We are believe we have a responsibility to the environment and use the utmost care while on a jobsite.  With over 100-years experience, our technical expertise and specialized equipment has allowed us to develop environmentally sound methods for specimen removal AND installation.   Through our precision and care, we have achieved outstanding survival rates. 


Hess is not a one-dimensional company.  Our projects are as diverse and varied as the trees we offer and can range from:  creating a serene setting at a golf course; constructing an old growth forest on a studio lot; offering a rich, luxurious landscape at a world renowned resort; providing a city planners with colorful options for parks, recreational and senior centers; and assisting the homeowner develop a private backyard oasis.  Regardless of the complexity, we value each “vision” a client presents to us.  Although our roots are (literally) in majestic, aged trees, we continue to evolve and grow to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. 

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Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional, world-class products and services.  We are a company that is people driven and are committed to our clients, our partners and our employees. We pride ourselves in readiness and ability to manage challenging projects with technical expertise and efficiency.  We continually strive for excellence and seek to create a supportive working environment that promotes innovative thinking. 


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